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CRR Student Internships

Every year CRR, at the invitation of and in partnership with community-based refugee organisations, provides training to displaced communities on topics requested by the community. With the permission of the participants, the training and associated activities also provide rich research data which, after approval by the community members, is used for advocacy on issues of concern identified by the community. CRR offers internships to UNSW students to participate in this training and research. Interns self fund their participation, and part of the internship fee covers the costs for participation by the refugee community members. In this way, students are able to work at a grass roots level with refugees and gain valuable learning and experience, while also facilitating training in the refugee community.

Reports on refugees living in Delhi  (PDF) (1 Mb)and in Mizoram in India are products of CRR internships.

The November 2013 internship team again had the invaluable opportunity to work with various communities in New Delhi. One intern had kindly agreed to share reflections of her experience (PDF) (56 Kb).

Video of CRR interns working in Thailand

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